plants as art

About 3 weeks, you can tell by the planting, I heard Fiona Rae talking about her work showing at The Towner Gallery in Eastbourne. She doesn’t take any metaphors or inspirational sources from things horticultural. Instead she draws inspiration from abstract expressionism, Japanese anime and graphic novels. I like her work very, very much and for me, the exploration of her paintings provide strong metaphors to growth, seeds, buds, stems, explosions of colour and the beauty of plant life. I can never tire of gazing through the layers she brings into her work. ¬†Following on from the time in the gallery, I went straight to Marchants Hardy Plants – it’s quite near Eastbourne and we needed ‘special’ plants for a client. Those ‘special plants’ that wholesale nurseries can’t supply.

It’s always a pleasure to chat to Graham Gough in his own nursery in his own garden – a fountain of good advice and very jolly to boot. Plants bought, there was time to wander around the garden. The season is late but the energy of fresh growth in both new foliage and bursts of flower colour is exciting to witness and absorb. Layers of planting, ¬†just starting to push upwards and form ‘big’ tapestries of woven effect.

Single plantings look good too especially when naturally planted. These may well be Camassia ‘Electra’ described as a mixture of sky blue, pale violet, even a hint of turquoise’. The upppity/downy fence here is made from roofing battens.

A glimpse of coppery tones from the willow stems. And Lucy Goffin, Graham’s partner, who is an artist specialising in textile compositions, puts together the posy that sits on the office desk – makes paying a pleasure!

I haven’t meant to persuade or justify my leanings to the marriage of plants and art because it’s subjective and highly¬†personal. Just enjoy!